Menu User interface suggestion



I spent some time at first trying to find the News feature and here are my initial frustrations and suggestions:

1) IMO putting it on the hamburger menu, and at the bottom, rather then rather then next to Channels is not at all intuitive. Actually putting it in that menu to begin with isn't intuitive. I typically don't go into that menu unless it's to access a Setting. Instead please consider putting in the same place "Browse" that Playlists and Channels are. Actually my first thought was for it to be located within Channels, but I'm assuming that because it's not a Channel then that's not possible.

2) Additionally, it would be easier to use if once you entered into the News section you were presented with the list of the Categories rather than having to press the 3 dots in lower right corner to get to them. Simply selecting a Category would take you directly into it.

3) Which brings me to my next suggestion to stop the auto play feature, or at least a setting to enable/disable it. I don't want to necessarily watch every video.

4) Once a video is watched it should be marked as watched and not auto play.

5) It would also be helpful to Filter and/or Group by Sources (CNN, IGN, Newsy, etc.) as well as a method to disable specific Sources.

Thank you for your consideration.