Menus stuck on-screen.... again!


When playing a TV show OR movie the menu items are stuck on screen!!! Literally the ONLY way to get rid of them is to turn subtitles on. But if I do anything like bump a button on the controller or pause the movie or rewind the menus are stuck on-screen again.
I've cleared the cache several times and unintsalled/reinstalled Plex several times. I've deleted cache before and after the re installation of plex to no avail.
I've had this issue for a good month and was waiting to see if anyone else has the issue but maybe it's just happening to me? Suggestions? Thanks all in advance! Let me know if some pix/screenshots would help.
BTW I have the latest plex version available by using a cron job on my FreeNAS. There is a forum about how to get us FreeNAS users up to the latest version.


BTW this post is also in the Xbox 360 forum so here is how far that convo got:

Posted Yesterday, 02:30 PM
I'm wondering if maybe this is an issue with FreeNAS?
Are there any other FreeNAS users on the forum experiencing this? If not, maybe compare notes with them on their configurations.
Posted Today, 10:44 PM
Good point. I will check and reply here once I get a reply from their forum.
The only thing that seems like it's not a FreeNAS issue is that nothing has changed on my end. I am on the same FreeNAS version and the same Plex app version and the issue came up at a random point in time. I did not notice the Xbox/Plex app update and it seems the app has stayed the same version for quite some time.
Now there IS one thing that's a bit suspicious. There is an "Optional Media Update" ringing in at 432KB that is installed each and every time I reinstall the Plex app.
So if I uninstall the Plex app and this media update as soon as I reinstall the Plex app that media update happens as well.


I am apparently the only one with this issue. Also the screen problem has mysteriously fixed itself... marking as solved since I was the only one with the problem.