Metadata and Posters not Downloading in FreeNAS



I am having problems with posters and metadata not downloading in my Plex jail. I searched online for a solution but nothing fixed it. Can anybody help me with this? I attached Plex logs if they help.


i have the same problem.

no covers / no Plot .

can one help us ?

what os did they install? I've tried it with 9.10-U5 and 11. with both he brings no covers and no plot?

did they run it on an ESXi?
or as direct installation?

I ran it on an ESXi host, before it ran directly on the Freenas.

he could still get the covers and plots.

now I know soon no more.

all settings fit so far,


Same issue here


FreeNAS v11 - Plex v1.10.1.4602
Match works, but no Metadata or Posters