Client Setting are at MPEG2-TS Transcode H264 and AC3 1080p highest

Video is choppy at same spots in the video and eventually closes with error


Any ideas what this means?


That error may be 12002, aka ERROR_INTERNET_TIMEOUT. That would align with choppy video to indicate that you're not getting enough bits from point A to point B.

Where the bottleneck is, of course, is another question. It might just be on the transcode side. Not all hardware can sustain 1080p transcodes.

I recommend switching from MPEG-2 TS to HTTP Live Streaming as your transcode protocol. That's the go-forward story on this platform, and it should generally work better for you than MPEG-2 TS.

I also recommend lowering your preferred resolution as a test to see whether that addresses some of the choppiness. You can also bring down the app bar during playback to see whether the video stream is transcoding or remuxing (which would use a lot less CPU).


The same error code I faced as Error 0x80072ee2 in Windows Update and Windows Store. Although I solved it but what mmight be the possbile reasons.