Migrating server, new server can't see any media files.



I have server A and B, both are Windows 10 pro boxes. Server A is my current Plex box and has been working fine. I'm upgrading to a new server (Server B) but don't want to lose access so I have both servers running with different Plex server names. Server B is a clean install of Windows 10 Pro with the same software set up as Server A (I.e. identical AV and so on).

The original (Server A) continues to work. Server B appears to work and can be accessed through the web console, but cannot see any media. I have libraries set up in two locations, an external drive and an internal drive. The library types cover all the options; music, movie, tv and misc video. I can't make any list any media.

Any ideas where to start?


Ok, disregard. I could see the libraries and edit them, although they showed no media. Rebooted (again) and all the libraries disappeared. Added one library from a remote PC and it immediately started populating.

I've been buggering around with it for the last hour, so I guess it fears the might of the forum :)