Missing Feature: Sync viewtime with another user in Status > Now Playing section



I'm not sure if this was an intended feature or not but I used it to sync watching stuff with my girlfriend all the time where she is midway through an episode or something.

Before in the web version if you went to Status > Now playing you had a play button on the media the other person was watching and it would ask if you wanted to resume at the other users location. Now its been replaced with a stop playback button for im assuming some kind of admin controls?

I'm wondering if its possible to get the syncing playback feature back.. its annoying trying to guess depending on how far along the progress bar is.


I too wish this would come back. I used to sync with friends and watch movies together. I haven't found anything about it at all. Bring it back Plex!


Still not back and the new "feature" is still entirely pointless