Missing options after latest update e.g. play button missing on artist page



I was baffled at first not sure if I was missing something that never was there but I am pretty sure about it after talking to my wife this afternoon: Probably after the latest update some options seem to be missing from the Android app:

1) There used to be a "play" button on the artist page. It used to play all music of one artist, which makes sense if you own several albums. Now it is gone.To do the same I now have to create a playlists which is pretty cumbersome if you have music of a lot of artists.

2) While a playlist is playing there was an 'add to queue' button available (or something similar) which added music immediately after the currently playing song. Now this is only available from within a playlist which means I can only switch to music that is already in the list and not any other song.


Well with the latest complete GUI overhaul this is working again.