Missing titles from my library only on Xbox one



I am running Plex Media Server locally, from a linux (Ubuntu) server using the latest version of PMS to my Xbox One. I also have Plex installed on my phone (iOS). On my phone, I see all the titles in my library. On my Xbox One, accessing the same server over the same network, I only see about 1/3 of my titles listed. I've verified the missing files on the Xbox One are in fact in my library and they play back perfectly fine on my phone, but they do not show up at all on my xbox one.


I’ve had this occasionally on my Xbox One. Force quitting the app and relaunching or rebooting the Xbox results in an updated library. Maybe it only updates the library on app startup?


OK, so how do you force quit an app on Xbox One? I’ll google…


I restarted my xbox because I didn’t see the option to quit an app after I selected it and pressed the triple bar button. That didn’t resolve the issue.