MKV files not playing




I just upgraded Plex to the latest version with the PMS Updater scripts and since then it doesn't play MKV files anymore. Not on browsers, not on my Android devices. Plex is installed inside a FreeNas jail, so I deleted the jail, installed Plex again (same version as FreeNas downloads the latest version), but same difference. When playing MKV files, it doens't work... No errors shown...

Any suggestions?




Happens to me every other update too:

really annoying & all we can do is wait for the next update :'(

I would prefer if the devs found out, why this issue keeps reappearing.


@tiki-plex @BengaRaf either of you find a fix for this? Mine has been broken since a few releases back. New releases (including one last night) have not corrected the issue.


I am about to cancel my plex pas if this doesn’t get fixed soon. I have the same issue on all platforms, PC, apple tv, etc.