MKV files stopped playing after an update?



My plex server just did an update and now none of my devices on my network can play mkv files, neither can my computer browsers. I'm not sure where to start troubleshooting, I googled it and some people talked about transcoding settings, but they are all fine. what else do I do?


I'm having the same issues with all of the browser based players. Not a good update.


It's crazy ... this issue keeps returning every other update:
MKV's that played fine a day before the update suddenly can't be played anymore.

This is the third time this happens to me.
A coming update will fix it again, that's my experience.

Really annoying.


I'm having the same problem. All MKV files just stopped working..... cant play on PC or Apple TV


Same here, tried Chrome, the Chrome app, both failed. tried Edge (windows 10) and it worked. So wierd.
same pc , same server, same file, 2 different results. and it was working yesterday. of course i don't know how to roll back from the plexpass update I ran today. :(


I'm having the same issue and it only came after I just bought plex pass. I really feel cheated. You spend 100 dollars for it to stop working? this problem is now 3 months old and no fixes?


Just checking in to see whether there's a fix yet. Apparently not.


... annoying! @plex staff: Is there a fix coming up?


this is why I stopped updating my server since put the buggy, crappy new web player into the local server. I think they are just trying to increase app sales. scummy.. and to think I was just about to buy a lifetime plex pass