Mobile Sync WITHOUT converting



I have an iPad with a ton of space. I don't care that a movie is at 4k resolution if its less than 10gb - or whatever it is. WHY can we not sync to a mobile device without having to convert it to a mobile friendly resolution or whatever. It takes about 10x as long to convert movies than to just transfer the original file.


It’s about having the file in a format your iOS device is capable to play. If Plex can direct play a video and you opt for the maximum setting in sync options, there should be no transcoding.


I agree, there should be…but there is.


then let’s get specific…
let’s post the file details of one of the files you can direct play on your iOS but that gets transcoded during syncing.


For whatever reason, the transcoder Media Decision Engine (MDE) is different from the playback decision engine. While the iOS device may Direct Play the file just fine, if you look at the plex server logs when you try to transcode, you will find the the transcoder MDE thinks the file resolution is too large to sync and that it needs to be transcoded to 1080p.

You can get around this by editing the iOS.xml file and set the maximum resolution to 4k. My iOS.xml file is attached.

Also, until Plex updates the transcoder MDE the file needs to be updated and the server restarted after every PMS update.