More feedback for Gear VR environment



I spent much of yesterday afternoon and evening trying out the new Gear VR environment. A few more tweaks would really help the usability of it.

1) The Samsung Gear controller has a trigger button on it. In most other apps where the trigger doesn't have a different function from tapping the trackpad, it duplicates a click to select the on-screen item you're pointing at. I find the trigger to be much more useful to select stuff. It's easy to accidentally scroll/swipe the trackpad while trying to push down on it as a button. Supporting the trigger would reduce inadvertent clicks on the wrong item.

2) There should be a phone battery meter that we could turn on in the settings. It would be really disappointing to get to the climax of a movie or TV show just to realize you didn't have enough juice to finish what you were watching. If I saw that my battery was down to, say 20% or something ahead of time, I'd either plug it in or pick something shorter to watch.

3) Add some kind of clock. The headset can get pretty immersive and I didn't realize I'd been wearing it for nearly 4 hours until my wife tapped me on the shoulder and asked what I wanted to do for dinner.

If you really wanted to stick to the physical realm scheme, the apartment could have a virtual cell phone lying on the coffee table displaying the time & battery level. Heck, it could also show WiFi connection and cell signal strength. The virtual drive-in could have this info located on a dashboard display.


Thanks for the feedback, some interesting ideas in there. Adding a clock had already been suggested to us a few times, looks like you’re not the only one that loses track of time inside the app!

The battery meter idea is new though, I’ll make a note of it because I can definitely see that it might be useful in some scenarios such as the one you describe.

And we’re aware that people expect the trigger to also select stuff, but there’s a reason why it’s unused at the moment and it’s that we plan to use for something else in the future.


I like the idea of the battery meter, especially in the apartment setting. Perhaps a subtle little analog or digital clock (preferably user-settable) on the pillar and maybe a color-changing or level-changing bubble lamp nearby?


Please, Please, PLEASE make a virtual movie theater environment in addition to the void or apartment!!!