Movie "extras" - Is there a maximum?



I'm about 90% through the process of adding my library to Plex, and have just gotten to the "Wrecking Crew" documentary, which has about 86 files of deleted interviews that I would like to include in the "extras". They are properly tagged as "-deleted", but only 40 of them show up.

Have I come up against a maximum number of extras?


OK...the answer is "no". The Plex Dance™ alone didn't fix it, but some rearranging of the extras within the folder of the movie did the trick.


how have you organized those local extras?
I'm not aware of a specific maximum... maybe some hiccup


I had them in subfolders organized by the musical instruments that they played. When I took them all out and put them in the root folder for the movie, they all showed up as extras. Last time I'll do that.