Moving pms to fedora 28 server



I want to move my pms to fedora 28 server. My /var/lib/plexmediaserver folder is on a single disk. After installing plexmediaserver- I would change the mount point of /var/lib/plexmediaserver to my disk from previous install. Then I chown all of /var/lib/plexmediaserver to new plex uid and plex gid.

This works well but I noticed on the initial scan, pms would take longer. Maybe this has something to do with the new plex uid and plex gid. It would be better if I have a way to migrate to fedora 28 server and have pms pick up where it left off without the longer initial scan.

How do I move pms to fedora 28 server and avoid the long initial scan?



Thanks for the links but none of them seem to answer my question.

How do I move pms to fedora 28 server and avoid the long initial scan?


CLONE the server which exists on the current machine to the new Fedora 28.


Unfortunately, the source server is on fedora 27 so cloning is not possible. As far as I know, the old pms install has been replicated except for the plex uid and plex gid.

How do I install pms and assign uid and gid for the plex user account?


You are seriously mistaken on several points.

  • PMS's data is portable across multiple OS versions and across distributions. It is even portable from a Linux desktop or server system to a Linux-based NAS system.

  • The binary RPM which you install for Fedora 27 is the exact same RPM you install for Fedora 28.

  • Your desire is to move an existing PMS from one system (Fedora 27) to another (Fedora 28) is nothing more than the tar command sequence I have shown in Backup/Restore/Clone.

What information are you still in need of?


Sorry, I thought clone meant dd the entire disk.

I do agree with the portability of pms as described in Backup/Restore/Clone. When I follow the steps as described, I notice the initial scan on the target computer is doing a longer process. Not a problem but it is something I would like to try and avoid. If you are not experiencing the extra processing during the initial scan after migration then I do not know how to explain my situation more clearly.

I am guessing that the longer initial scan has something to do with the change in plex uid and plex gid when doing
sh-4.4# chown -R plex:plex ./Library

Ideally, I would like the new install to create plex user with the same uid gid to match the source system. This may not help me in anyway but it is the only thing that is different between source and target.

Thanks for your time.


The UID/GID is immaterial. I am more suspect of bugs / changes in Fedora 28 which only now is available. It has been in beta until 6 days ago.

I would not make any judgements or changes until at least 30 days after initial release. For most distros, I do not recommend adoption until at least 30 days after release. Frankly, it's not a wise move to put an unproven release on a production system.

Before making any performance judgments, I advise you wait 30 days and 'the dust to settle' on this release. If you watch DNF output, you'll see a lot of updates coming in the next two weeks.


It is good to know that the uid and gid is immaterial. The longer initial scan is reproducible in fedora 19-28 using the backup and restore clone your metadata methodology. It is not a refresh all metadata scan but I notice that pms issues a Finished processing ... for each library item. Anyways, I will just let pms do its thing and be done with it.

Interesting that this does not happen in your case. Thanks again.