Multiple playback issues in the new update



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It’s been 3 weeks since the latest update and still no fix. This is getting very annoying. I use the Plex server as my main method of watching my movie collection and it’s been virtually unusable.

Are you referring to the app? The Plex app was updated earlier this week, and the server was updated for public release yesterday.

Thanks for the tip. I had deleted and re-downloaded the Plex app on Xbox One yesterday but still had problem. I didn’t know about the server update. I’ll install it now and check back later.


Well, I’m still having problems after all the latest updates (server and Xbox One). When I attempt to watch a movie, one of two errors will appear after a few minutes:

There was a problem playing this item.
The video did not start in time.


There was a problem playing this item.
An unexpected error occurred while decoding the media.

This has become my regular movie-watching experience with Plex and I hate it.


I’m also seeing errors. I can’t even make it through a 22 minute TV show without hitting an “unknown error” or a “decode error”.


In addition to seeing the “The item did not start playing in time” message, the connection to the server is then lost entirely. It will only come back if I quit the Plex app and re-open it. It’s incredibly annoying and has been happening for nearly a month.


Was getting the same errors last night too. Gonna test the beta channel and see if it’s fixed.


Yep… same here. This seems to be pretty widespread. At this point they need to get their ■■■■ together as this is unacceptable for us Plex Pass users who pay… or revert to the old app and release this as a “beta” till they fix it.


Same issue here. It happens 100% of the time on 1080p videos. Even if I change to 720p it will still happen, although rarely.


I’m also getting this! If I change it from 1080p to 720p I might almost make it an hour - hour fifteen minutes into a movie before it starts buffering and I’ll have to restart the app. If I change it from 1080p and just change the bitrate it’ll go from anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes before it’s doing the buffering again. It also happens when I watch tv-series. The punisher for example was a pain in the ***… 1-2 restarts required every episode when it was in 1080p.

I’ve tried every option in the settings menu, allowing insecure, disabling direct play and stream, changing the subtitles etc. It always results in the same error though. And like kalinius says, after the “the item did not start playing in time” message, the connection to the server is then lost entirely. Very weird.


smh cant play anything


Yep finding this with far far to much of my collection as well, I have to resort to using my smart TV at times its getting old already :frowning:


I’m getting this way too often as well. Almost makes Plex unusable. Almost every movie is getting this same error at various times. Anyone from Plex commenting or looking into this? @Moussa


This issue is really annoying and frustrating. I don’t know if MS caused this or Plex. Who’s idea was it to change the interface and make it more convoluted? I can’t watch any of my media either, everything freezes after only a few minutes. I tried using it on my xbox 360 that has not been updated and it worked flawlessly. This needs to be fixed please.


Same here. Started immediately after the XB one app update, and not the server update. Was watching a series without issue, app updated, and following that, the same series and episodes were unwatchable for more than a minute or so at any rate or transcode setting. This was in the same evening.

That particular series is the only one that I have had issues that bad with. Other series will play, but invariably the show will pause and show the buffering animation at some point mid-way through the file. It will eventually boot me back to the episode menu. If I hit play again, it will bring up the start over or resume dialog, and the select button then will not work on the resume button. If by exiting the episode and going back I can finally get resume to toggle (rarely), then I get a problem playing file error. If I force close the app and restart it, it will usually resume playing ok, and most of the time will make it through the episode. It is guaranteed to happen again on the next episode.

I have to agree with others in this thread, that it makes the app extremely frustrating to use, if not entirely unusable. I checked the forums the night of the release, to see if others were experiencing similar issues. There were threads describing the same issue even then, and so it is a bit frustrating that this seemlingly widespread problem does not yet appear on the “known issues” post.


The UI is god awful but I can deal with it if the rest of process worked. However when a 21 minute Christmas special my kids are watching flakes out repeatedly while watching it, there is something seriously wrong.


I am having the same issue as well. Playback will stop once or twice during a movie. Restarting the movie works immediately. I haven’t seen this problem with the Gen 1 Fire TV’s we have or the web client.


i’m glad that i’m not the only one having these issues on the xbox one, but it’s become a bit of a joke. even a 20 min tv show is impossible to watch.

fix this issue please plex!


My movie collection has been unwatchable since the Plex Xbox One update on October 19th. This is starting to get ridiculous. How much longer can we expect to have to deal with this?


This is getting worse, as its unplayable now. My Plex for XBOX one won’t play anything now. @Moussa I’ve attached my server logs too, not sure if it helps determine the issue.


4K H265 movies keep buffering for me too. Hopefully, we will get a fix soon.


@stevesbwd said:
Same issue here. It happens 100% of the time on 1080p videos. Even if I change to 720p it will still happen, although rarely.