Multiple "Plex Media Scanner.exe" in task manager



Hey Everyone, I have had PMS running smoothly for a couple years now with almost no issues, however recently I have been having an issue I cannot figure out. I keep getting multiple instances of “Plex Media Scanner.exe” in my task manager until my server becomes unresponsive. I have looked through the logs but I don’t understand them enough to catch a problem. It seems to do this randomly and more so when I add new content. (It seems to get stuck ALOT on TV shows)
This started happening ever since I updated a few months ago. I kept crossing my fingers that an update would address this, but it seems like it might be something else on my side. I don’t want to do a complete new install because I have over 50TB of media I don’t want to clean up again. Here is a screen shot of what I am talking about. For every “Plex Media Scanner.exe” I have a “conhost.exe” sucking memory as well. Has anyone seen this issue or have any ideas of what I should look into to address it? What logs should I provide or look a look into this. Is there any info I need to omit before posting logs? I’d like ensure I don’t give out my token or other private info? Thank you for your time!


First check here -- Settings -> Server -> General > Allow Plex Media Server tokens in logs
Uncheck this option. You WILL have to restart Plex for the changes to take effect.

Now you can download the logs -- Settings -> Server -> Help > DOWNLOAD LOGS

That takes care of the token issue. Private information. Well the logs will show what content you have and what drives you have it on and probably some IP stuff but, you know, you win some you lose some.


any update on this? i am having the exact same issue… after updating to the lastest plex. i see 10-12 scanner.exe at a time… i have to manually close the previous ones. so its set to scan at 30 mins and the previous scanner.exe are NOT closing.

slowing my pc WAY down.


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