Music backgrounds missing on ReadyNAS 214 transition



I recently moved all of my media libraries from my PC to a 214 (4x3TB) and installed and updated to the latest version of the Plex on the NAS. After waiting days for any metadata to catch up, I had to manually refresh (one by one) most Albums & Artists to get the poster images to show. That's done.

The last issue (hopefully) I have is music backgrounds. There are none for any artist. I tried various re-orders of the agents to no avail. The PC app without any media still has all the background images but I can't seem to find a way to make it work on the NAS app.

I'm a PlexPass user. Working with a NAS is new to me. Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.


Same issue here, no background images, and less choice of poster images ??? Have yet to find an answer, though it seems that there is beta development in regards to the background images having a blur or dimmed effect, no point if you can not download any via the Agents.


I also have a 214 and until recently I was able to download background images. However since I had to recreate my premium music library last week no images are coming through despite me trying to tweak the various agents. Hopefully they'll be a solution soon


My problem disappeared over time. I’m not sure if it’s because I added AppleTV (doubt it) or it just takes an extremely long amount of time for the metadata.