Music is skipping randomly ahead with older iOS clients




I have Plex on various iPhone 4, and 3GS's around the house and I can't get them to play music reliably. Songs will inevitably skip forward anytime from several seconds after to 30-60 seconds in the track. I used to not have this problem but I now an incompatibility.

The PMS is the latest version as of today. The Clients are running on whatever is the latest version for iOS 6(3GS) (Plex and the iPhone 4 is running iOS 8 and has whatever is most recently compatible version for that.

I suspect the issue related to the various old iOS clients. I have no prob with all my iOS 10 Plex clients or with Plex web so who knows....

No amount of changing the direct play/direct streaming/universal transcoder/clearing of cache settings seems to help.

Any help would be appreciated!





I have the same issue on my old iPod touch (iOS 6) attached to a nice speaker doc in the kitchen.

Plex is version 3.5.3, Plex Media Server 1.2.7.

Each track will play and skip at a random time. Pretty much made it unusable, was hoping a fix in the next version.


Yup. Same here on both iOS 6 and iOS 7.



I updated the plex server today to 1.3.3 hoping it would fix the issue. Before my old iPod touch would skip a song after a random amount of time. Now the app won't launch without crashing to the dashboard. As a work around i tested logging into my server using and launching the web app. This causes safari to crash when trying to play a song. So its gone from bad to worse.

I understand the iPod is old and the app and iOS 6 is no longer supported ... but it used to work, and work well at that..


Having same issue on 4th Gen iPod Touch (iOS Version 6.1.6, Plex Client Version 3.5.3).

Kids use it to play bedtime music every night, so I know it started exactly when I updated the Plex Server to Version Our previous version was (based on comments above, it seems the bug showed up in 1.2.7).

For me, it will usually play the first track to the end, then the remaining tracks it will play between 0 and 30 seconds before skipping to the next track. If the Album only has one track, it seems to play that without issue. Music files are mp3.


Yeah I got this issue on an older iPOD. It was rock solid reliable, but since my last server upgrade music skips ahead randomly, and like the OP said, no amount of settings tweaking makes a difference. The odd thing is its only music. Videos are still fine. And I know its plex software that is the issue. If I use miniDLNA server on the same FreeBSD server hardware as Plex Server (I do not use plex built in DNLA) and use a 3rd party dlna player the iPOD plays it fine..


I found an old iPhone 4 with iOS 7.1.2 and Plex app 3.5.3. It still has the old 32 pin connector that works with my dock. It still has the same skipping issue.

I have an iPhone 4s somewhere at the office so I'm hoping to test that after the holidays. I believe I can update that to iOS 9.x and the latest plex app.


I thought it was just me, so I'm "glad" to see others in the same boat.
Using an iPhone 4 with iOS 7.1.2 and Plex 3.5.3 App. I get the same skipping ahead after 0-60 seconds, although the first track will mostly play through fully.

I wad thinking og either jailbreaking it to maybe force an iOS 8 on it, or possibly an Android OS. As many of you mention, it's used for nothing but playing music. It's too laggy to be used as a phone these days :)
My iPhone 6 runs smoothly, but the old one is useless at the moment :/


I ended up setting Plex up on a iPhone 4s as a workaround. It was working well until todays Plex 4.7 update. I am now getting an app crash when I open any album... :((


Just installed Server version and checked to see if this has been fixed yet... Nope!

My workaround is to sync the music files to the iPod Touch and not play from the server.


Yeah, I gave up. I just loaded a few of my favorite playlists via iTunes and play on device.


No fix for this? Bummer. An old iPod touch used to be the perfect alternative to purchasing more Airport Expresses for AirPlay streaming...great way to re-purpose old do we get someone from Plex to weigh in on this issue?


I dunno what we can do. Start spamming the forums?


@OKfam said:
Just installed Server version and checked to see if this has been fixed yet… Nope!

My workaround is to sync the music files to the iPod Touch and not play from the server.

Did you sync via plex client or sync to itunes/music? Cause I tried syncing via plex and that didn’t work either.