Music playback repeating last 10 seconds of every song



If I play an album in Plex on iOS, after every track it repeats the last 10 seconds or so before moving to the next track.

It didn't used to do this so I'm wondering if this is related to a recent app or server upgrade. Has anyone else seen this?


I have exactly the same problem with my playlists, intermittently. 1 phone, 1 tablet experience the same problem. Also - it happens with locally synced music when I am disconnected from my media server. Actually a long time bug, but sporadic - it doesn't happen for a while, and then starts. Same issue with plex client on Apple TV. It seems to happen more when playlists have been going for a long time...


This is still happening. I've tried everything reasonable. It also happens with new and old playlists, and seemingly independent of what kind of file.