Music stops playing offline music after a few tracks



I start playing an album of synced music and after a few tracks the music stops playing. It doesn't always get stuck in the same place so it isn't any particular track. Pausing or seeking within the song doesn't fix it. Changing tracks will allow it to start playing music again. This only happens for synced music, not streaming. I have tried disabling battery optimizations for Plex, but it didn't make a difference. I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app in case any settings were corrupted. Attached is the log for the android plex app. Any help in resolving this would be greatly appreciated.

Manufacturer: Huawei
Device: angler
Model: Nexus 6P
Product: angler
Version: 7.1.1
Plex App Version:


I've also had this issue for at least the last few months with my Nexus 5X.

If it helps, it tends to happen more often on airplane mode than when I'm just playing off the device, but I can't confirm that for certain. Thanks!


Same issue here.
Everything is fine if i stream the music.


Similar issue for me with HTC One M9 phone.


Same issue for me with Moto Z Droid Force running Android 7.0. Randomly stops playing on sync'd music only. No issues with previous versions of Android.


is there a fix, or update for this issue? Its quite frustrating....
(Moto Z Force on Andriod 7.0)


Same issue here:
Nexus 6P running Android 7.1.1
Synced music stops playing intermittently


Same issue here. Using a Nexus 5, first with Lineage OS, now (because of this issue) switched to Dark Rom (another version of Lineage OS) and still having the issue. Glad I finally know it's a problem with the app. Fix would be great though.


Same here Android 7.1.1


Why is this thread marked as Answered? I see no answers here


I have the same issue, and came to these forums specifically to bring it up. Anywhere I can vote for this as a bugfix?


I have the same problem on my Google Pixel XL. This issue happens with synced songs, synced playlists and even recently from non-synced playlists (from my phone). As others have stated, it isn't always in the same spot of the song, and it won't be every song. But sometimes it will be every song. It is very inconsistent and very annoying. Please help with this problem!


i posted this bug in the Feature forum -> click like on OP to vote for the bug to be fixed.


This issue is getting worse for me. From my Google Pixel phone, sync'd playlists, sync'd songs and even non-sync'd playlists playing straight from the server randomly stop playing. It's gotten to the point it's not even worth listening to music because it happens so often. I have began using other forms of music players like spotifiy and google music because Plex has become so unreliable. I have been a plex pass user for over 2 years now and i'd love to see some support for this issue, as i'd rather use Plex than anything else because i've invested so much time into building my server environment for it. Please Plex admins/devs, please help with this issue. Thank you


Same issue here on Nexus 6P and Galaxy S5, I thought it was me or something cause I figured there is no way something as simple as playing music would be broked at this point but go figure.


Adding to this. Pixel XL running the latest app,. Music stops playing after about 4 songs, and in order to restart I have to press Pause, move to a different track, then move back to the first song and hit play again.


Turning off doze might be a work around for this, testing now...

[UPDATE] the OP said that he did this, I'm still going to re-test

[UPDATE 2] turn off doze for the plex app DID NOT solve this problem.


Maybe someone said it before, but as long as it's not fixed, you can charge your phone while playing music in airplane mode and it won't stop. That's at least a way to not have the music go out while driving.


I have the same issue on a Samsung S4 and a Google Pixel. Synced content works for a few tracks but then seems to stop all on it's own.


I have a similar issue with the Nvidia Shield's Plex client:

I wonder if it is connected to this or it's a completely different issue altogether.