My home user is not getting the Plex pass experience fully in latest iOS app



I have a lifetime plex pass subscription. My wife is a user in my home. She is supposed to have camera upload enabled on her iOS device. However, on the latest upgrade, it won't show camera upload as an option. It does not show upgrade as an option either. On previous versions of the app, this was working, but the latest app upgrade broke it.

I have tried the following debugging steps -
* Reinstalled the plex app
* Remove her from my home and re-add her

If I switch to myself, we can see Camera upload as an option in the settings, but not otherwise.


Do you have camera upload enabled under the restrictions in your Plex Home for your wife?


Yes, I do have camera upload enabled until the restrictions in my plex home for my wife.


Could you post some logs please, so we can investigate? :slight_smile:


I am seeing the same issue for home users, but only on the iPhone. My iPad does still show the camera upload feature. I have done the same, removed and re-installed the Plex app. Oddly enough, it appears to work on my daughter iPhone under her managed user id. iOS logs attached.


I uploaded my logs and no response. Anybody going to help out here?


@“” Sorry, still been investigating this :slight_smile:


Having the same issue. since installing the latest IOS client. (14194) Camera Upload is enabled on the users on the server. Camera Upload is not even an option under settings on the IOS client. By reinstalling and clearing the Camera upload cash I was able to get it to appear and sync once. The next time I opened the app, Camera upload was not available from settings and sync is not working again.


@DaveBinM Any luck?


We’ve been able to reproduce this, and are now tracking it internally. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the report!


Excellent, looking forward to the resolution.


I’m having the same exact problem with an IOS device. Looking forward to the fix.


Hi there,

I am wondering if your internal investigations have produced any results yet. It is vey unpleasant that this feature, which was one of the main reasons for me to get a lifetime Plex pass, has not been working properly in more than six weeks now.



The fix for this should be in a forthcoming iOS release (not too far away! :wink: )


Glad to hear it. Was wondering what was happening as it wasn’t showing up on my wife’s device but was on mine all of a sudden.