My plex player lags a lot on windows 10



So, it just lags a lot
it happens both in menu and in player mode
in menus, whatever i do, i cant click on anything, it just doesn't answer
in player mode, caption are fixed to the last one before the lag started, and i cant press any button at all, but the video continues...
its very annoying because in menus, i have only few seconds before the lag comes in...
I'm pretty sure it's not a RAM problem nor a CPU problem, since i have 16gb of ram and a i7 7th gen cpu

so, does it happen to anyone else?
if so, how do i fix it?


I have the exact same issue and have had it for around 2 months now. Still looking for a fix. I remember when I switched from Xbox to PC the web app was awesome because it just ran everything smoothly. If the Windows 10 App works the same way the original Xbone one did, then it’s probably an issue with your video format not encoding fast enough. It wouldn’t play .MKV files at all without skipping frames left and right.