my TV UE65JU6000 (Samsung tv)



When i download Plex for my tv and runs it. It says that "server is currently unavailable" but when i run the app on my samsung galaxy S7 Edge it works just fine! - What is the issue ? my tv i running on WIFI at home and my phone is on the 4G net AND i also tried with wifi then it says cant connect to server but it is connected indirect as it says and i can even play movies.

Can anyone help me with the setup or tv ? :)


Do you have other apps on the TV that work like NetFlix?
Can you hardwire the TV to test and see if its a wifi issue?
How is your wifi setup? do wifi clients get same IP as hardwired machines?
Who is maker of your wifi hardware?


netflix is fine :)

i could hardwire the tv bould it would take to move the router ..... loooot of trouble, i dont think thats the problem.

i dont know if the wifi clients get same ip - but my samsung galaxy s7 edge works just fine, so i dont think its the internet?