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Great! Thanks!


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Support for non-english versions of euronews should be available the next time the code gets pushed to the myPlex server. That tends to happen semi-regularly as new sites are added and existing sites are tweaked or bugs are fixed.

The majority of the other sites you mention seem to be geo-blocked and that's a major roadblock to getting working myPlex support. There is a very small group of us coding the support for individual sites and so far no one from Russia has joined the fray. If you're interested in taking a stab at getting support working for one or more of those sites, there's documentation here, and lots of examples of different implementations on here. Otherwise, if/when we can find a work-around for the geo-blocking issue to at least write/test the code, we'll try to add support :)


Thanx for the answer!

About geo-blocking.. What about proxy server with russian IP? Does proxy solve geo-blocking issue?


I believe that should work. Feel free to PM me if you've got a suggestion for a proxy server.


new site with free licensed movies added to request list - available in CIS


I'd like to see support for


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I'd like to see support for


the PlexIt bookmarklet doesn't seem to recognize Silveright videos. Is that something that will be added in the future?



The bookmarklet requires specific code to be abl to handle specific websites. Unless the videos are caught by the default HTML5 service, which silverlight vids won't be, whatever site you're trying will need specific support. Feel free to make a request and, hopefully, it'll be added as time allows.


From all Russian Plex community to developers.

Add myPlex support for please =) - the best licensed video content provider (Alexa Traffic Rank)



i'd like to request that support for content be added myPlex.

here is a test page.

these pages include an mRSS link on them, which should be easy to parse even when adding multiple videos.

i'd be happy to give a $50 bounty to someone for tackling this.


I've got a request:


I would like to request [s][/s].

Thanks ryan


I'd like to request:



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I'd like to request:



Please note: any site which requires a user to log in before being able to stream videos, will not work with myPlex.


Please add








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Please note: any site which requires a user to log in before being able to stream videos, will not work with myPlex.


There's no need to log in. These sites host files which are streamed via


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Please add



[/quote] should work for the most part. I know that there are some areas of the site which don't function with myPlex but, if you can provide examples of urls/videos that don't work, we may be able to fine tune the code a little.

Further testing shows that the other sites you requested, while not specifically listed as supported, do work. If there are specific videos that are causing trouble, let us know and we'll see if the code can/should be tweaked.


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I would like to request

Thanks ryan


My testing shows that this is already supported even though it's not listed "officially".


Sweet! Thanks for the quick reply. I'll let you know if I run into any videos that give me trouble. Thanks again.


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Hey! myPlex queue is a great feature!

But, i'm not developer =(

It will be great to find how to add to queue video from russian sites like:

Not geo-blocked sites

[list][] - news[] - tv shows All-Russia State Television (list of all videos) [REQ Ticket][/list]


Looks like is handled by the default code. It's not explicitly supported but it works. The metadata doesn't populate very well but by the look of the website, there's not a lot to grab anyway.


Hi is there any chance myPlex can support xinmsn?

The videos stream using Silverlight.