N5550 Video Streaming too slow



Dear all,

I have the N5550 and the newest Plex installed.
Also the router and the Wifi connection is ok.
But still the streaming does not work. I have the films from the VU Box, so in the .ts version.
Streaming of this films to the PC is possible, but in reality no fun, as it is interrupted quite often (I understand, that Transcoding does not work with this NAS perfectly, as the CPU is too slow?)
NAS is connected with Link- aggregation, so should work quite fast.
Some ideas, how to test the NAS, if there is eth. ok? What is your experience?


Second question
Is there maybe a VU plugin, which works? Then I could use the VU Box as a plex player. Unfortunately the Dreamplex does not correspond with my NAS, I do not why, IP and everything OK, but not connection. Maybe the new server and the old plugin does not work together anymore?




Networking likely isn’t the issue- I have the same NAS and only use one link- it works fine that way. Biggest difference I see is the .TS format- as you said it will not transcode that on the fly. Try a test- convert a few of them to mkv, mp3 or mp4, and I bet it’ll work. I only use those formats and generally everything works. (Using a TIVO XL4 as a player and Ipad Air, Samsung S6)