naming tv series, old vs new PMS



over dlna...

my PMS (version showed the tv show folder content as follows
S1 E1 - Pilot (2007)

now in 1.12 it shows
the big bang theory - S1 E1 - Pilot (2007)

this is much longer

any way to return to the old setting?

thank you


so, no solution?
it should be simple, some frew python strings to edit…


no solution… sounds more like a design choice to change this so you’re at all time aware what you’re playing instead of assuming people remember which folder they just opened in their DLNA client.
the client installed on my Sony Android TV keeps rolling the titles if they’re too wide for its screen – hence I never noticed this as an issue (also as the show title is the same… the part you’ll be looking for/at is just a little further to the right, isn’t it?)