Is there anything specific in naming of a TV show that would effect it from playing it specifically.
Example I can ask to it to play Joan of arcadia season 2 episode 7 plays find.
I ask it to play Ancient Aliens season 11 episode 8 says it can't find it.
If I just say play ancient aliens it will play the first episode I have on the server.


The problem lies not with Plex but with Alexa's speech recognition and/or the Plex skill. It mostly works but as the phrasing gets more complex some weird things happen. ex this happens from time to time on my system:
I say "Alexa, tell Plex to pause." Alexa reports hearing "Alexa, tell Plex to play oz." But what actually happens is Plex tries to play the movie "M."

I have run through voice training multiple times and virtually everything else works well.

Also I can say "Alexa, tell Harmony to pause" and it works perfectly. (I have the Harmony skill as well as the Plex one.)

I do not know where the problem lies but several times each day the Plex skill will just do something strange when asked for something fairly simple. I have the feeling that it was not thoroughly tested by multiple testers before release in spite of the time it took.

Either that or the the programmer added a piece of code that every program used to get:
"On Random do something unexpected."
"On Random screw random user."
I know those code snippets were automatically included by every compiler I have ever used and I would think they still exist in compilers and interpreters to this day. They were just too much fun to have been left out.


We're constantly working to improve our sample utterances to help situations like this, but it is indeed difficult to help a situation where Alexa just hears the wrong thing.

As a little more insight in to how Skills work: The reason you don't have the problem with Harmony is because "play oz" is not an utterance that the Harmony skill has designed. But Plex for Alexa does understand "play oz" because of course, that's how you play media!

One thing that may work for you is to change how you're asking to pause, so the Alexa service has more syllables to go on. For example, you could try "pause the show." I'm not sure if that phrase works, as the "Pause" intent is built-in to the Alexa system and not explicitly defined by us.

As for you comment about the skill behaving seemingly randomly, please do let us know! When doing so, it's very helpful to include the report from the Alexa app that indicates exactly what Alexa thought you said. You can get this in the "History" section in the app: - if Alexa completely misheard you, that would certainly explain the seemingly random behavior. It's still useful to hear as we may be able to improve it, but we have far less control over that part of the interaction. But if she heard you correctly and we still did something wrong, that's when we've almost definitely got a bug on our hands that we can address.


The issue is she does hear me she will say I don't have that episode while other series she plays the specific episode ok.
I have roasted the conditions several times.
The only other thing it's she is becoming self aware and turning against me.


Has the plex skill been updated at all and if so is it automatic for users?


I'm having a similar issue. I have yet to figure out how to tell Alexa to have Plex play "Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope", for example. I've tried just about every iteration and have YET to be successful. Saying the colon and dash, saying "eye vee" instead of "4". Any ideas? I'd prefer not having to rename the titles in Plex.