NAS - Connected USB3 Drives Not Available



Running PMS on Shield (, allows addition of main NAS shares for media locations, however any USB3 drive attached to NAS is not available.

Qnap 251A & WD MyClouds (single bay).

Is this due to a bug on Plex or Shield? Whichever, can Plex please address this issue?

Note: Every other server tested (iMac, Qnap, Win10) running PMS is able to view/add the share locations of the USB drives attached to a NAS.


Just upgraded to Version No change


Your NAS needs to setup a share for your Nvidia SHIELD to see them using the Mounted Network Storage option. That would be something you setup on the NAS, not the SHIELD or Plex.


NAS does have a share for the attached USB drive. PMS on Shield can mount the NAS share (and access internal folders) but doesn't recognize the USB drive (share), hence no access to it's folders.

All other PMS installations do recognize the USB (share).