Need help getting Plex to recognize the TV show Nova, Wonders



When will the PBS program "Nova Wonders" get added to the Plex program list?


Check your tv show agents, and also check your TV show library agents, that show is on TVDb #346741, recently there was an issue with TVDb not showing images, where the temp solution was to use IMDb, but this was recently fixed, so if you changed it for the temp fix you can change it back to TVDb which is now working.


Where does one check the TV Show agents?
I see my library agents are already set to TVDB.


went into server/agents/The TVDB and checked all preferences and scanned all libraries, still Nova Wonders does NOT show up?


Public Enemy #1 is poor naming/structuring of TV Shows - that MUST be in a TV Show Library Type:

Public Enemy #2 is the Default Location for Local Media Assets - IF you use MP4/M4V files:

FileBot (link in my signature) can handle that naming and structuring for you automatically or manually in seconds.

What FileBot can’t do is remove possible embedded metadata in the Title Field of MP4/M4V files. Plex will read this info and prefer it over a perfect file name/structure, but you can combat that situation by moving Local Media Assets to the bottom of every agent list you can find. All tabs in TV Shows and Movies here:
Just drag LMA to the bottom of the list and drop it. If you do have embedded metadata this will cure the issue, if you don’t it won’t matter. LMA will do what it has to from the bottom.

Public Enemy #3 is if you’ve fiddled with the name/structuring with the show still in the TV Show Library, then tried ‘Refresh Metadata’ you’re tilting at windmills - 'cause Refresh Metadata does nothing to actually Refresh Metadata. Only The Plex Dance® can cure that long running and still unresolved problem:

The Plex Dance®:

  1. remove show/movie from library
  2. rescan library files
  3. empty trash
  4. clean bundles <— scan library files, empty trash, clean bundles
  5. bring names and structures into compliance/Move LMA/etc
  6. replace corrected show/movie into library
  7. rescan library files

All Steps. In Order. No Shortcuts.

The Plex Dance® is the only Plex Work-Around that enjoys a Registered Trademark.
For Good Reason - it’s the only thing that works.

I got a first time, instant match. FileBot did the naming and pre-matching with TVDB and a perfect bundle was written the first time…:

Still No Joy?

Log Files:
Drag zip file to message window and drop it.


Awesome, problem resolved!!