Need help in Phoenix, AZ



I live in Phoenix and have reached the end of my abilities trying to set up a Plex server on a NAS. I am looking to hire someone with this ability to come set up my system. North central Phoenix area.


This might be of interest to you:

The white glove movie experience
An Authorized Plex Installer will come to your home and set up your Plex server, configure your Plex clients, and help you enjoy all your movie, TV show, music, and photo collections at your fingertips. All this for just $299.99 USD. Anywhere you go, if you want the easiest way to enjoy all your media, then Plex Pass Pro is for you.


I would be interested in this service. How do I learn more?


On the page I linked to there is a big orange button labeled Get Started Today, click on that


Have you reached the end of your abilities to click a link that tells you exactly what you are asking about?