need help on plex update/install on qnap tvs-873.



plex update on qnap tvs-873 completed just fine, but will not open. browser will not find server. worked fine before update.

error mess on qnap tvs-873

error mess on browser


For QTS 4.2.x you need to use a 32-bit version of PMS. For QTS 4.3.x you need a 64-bit version. You can download PMS from here.


I installed the current 64bit version of PMS for qnap from the plex download page. I have done this before several times (qnap requires a manual update) with no hitches. Trying to figure out what is different. No luck so far. I have rebooted the computer, router, modem and NAS, as well as reinstalled twice more. The installs were all successful.


Please post your Plex Media Server.log file. You can access it with WINSCP or this tool.


Thank you for your help, problem fixed, i rebooted router, computer and qnap last (diff order than before). Seems to have lined up the DNS. I believe i need to set a static ip for the nas to stop this from happening again.


NAS are data & application servers (routers are network servers), and servers need static (or reserved) IP's, not only because of Plex, but also for the many services they provide. PMS should start Ok even when dynamic IPs are used, so I'm still curious to see your logs to understand why it failed.