Need help to create profile Panasonic P42ST60E



Hello everyone,
I'm trying to create my profile for my TV because some files doesn't work while I know it's had already worked (FLAC for examples)
I went from an raspberry with minidlna and I know I run DLNA with plex on FreeNAS.
I have learnt many things since thoses issues on codec and profiles DLNA but I'm block.
Here my profiles in attach files, starting from Panasonic viera 3D template
And here my codecs available on my TV : attach file p.92
I feel DLNA doesn't transcode because half of my AVI didn't work while it was working before and normally flac is natively supported.
What is wrong ?


I found solution.
The TV have more than one html headers.
I add 2 headers in section

Now it reads Flac natively and transcode when needed.