need help with a couple questions



1.) I take it extras are not a thing in this theme? Will they be?
2.) when you click [c] on a movie and that menu to make a playlist/queue a movie etc pops up, there is a delete option. It there a way to remove that option? I really don't want to accidentally delete something.
3.) in Shift View mode it doesn't show the genre. I'd love for the genre to be showed right under the movie title or even in the infopane. Is there an easy way I could add it myself? (Probably not)
If you guys have any ideas on this stuff, I'd appreciate it. Thanks

  1. extras are supported in nox, however a recent PMS update as broken extras in openpht.
    2/ try disabling “Allow Media Deletion” in PMS


Ahhh I was wondering why I couldn’t find any of my extras in OpenPHT now… I was guessing it was PMS related because I was pretty sure the problem started in the last couple of weeks after a Plex Server upgrade… But I was looking through the OpenPHT part of the forums and couldn’t find any references to this problem.

Thanks @“daniel.cull” … At least now I know that it’s a known PMS-OpenPHT issue and not just a bug on my end.


there is hope plex will fix this.