Need help with filter skinning bug in my code.



Hey there,

After six months of coding, I'm nearly done with the skin I've been working on. I'm having a real hard time with the filters, however. I have them in place and working as expected for the most part (and looking good), but have a problem with focus. With movies switching from the different primary filters, everything works well -- All Movies to On Deck to Recently Viewed, etc. But only if On Deck is populated. If On Deck is empty, I correctly get the "No Videos Matching Filters" message I put in, but focus is lost -- the side blade stays in place, but nothing is focussed. With TV media, switching from All TV to Recently Added similarly loses focus.

I've gone over the Default Skin, Night and PlexAeon with a fine comb looking for what is different, but I just can't see it.

I've attached the code for MyVideoNav.xml (which contains the sideblade). Was too long to add to the post. Had to zip it because xml isn't allowed for attachments.

Any assistance or pointers would be greatly appreciated.



I could take a look if you want but it would be much easier to debug if you send me the full skin because often these kind of issues are client (PHT) related.

Anyway, good luck with your skin!


PM sent. Thank you so much!