Network Discovery Issue



Hello! I work for a school district in IT, for which I use my personal phone for work. I have Plex at home (plex pass member) and have the plex app on my android phone.

We use software called AirServer, which acts as an Air Play device for iOS. They recently updated to include Chromecast. Since then any teacher on the network (since my phone is on the wireless) that has “on screen password” set (so when a device connects the software generates a password to enter on the device to allow connection) will get that screen randomly popping up. We tracked the IP down to my phone (galaxy s7 edge).

I believe I have tracked down the app that is causing it to your app. When I launch the Plex app it prompts every time. When i hit the cast button in the upper right and refresh the network it prompts every time.

Wondering if you have any insight into this issue. It happens quite a bit on the teacher’s laptop, as you can image it’s quite annoying for them. Screenshot is attached showing the popup. It’s the air server software, but that software is ONLY a receiver, it does not do anything except broadcast it’s there for Chromecast or Air Play devices.



Nothing? There is not a way I see to contact Plex directly I can see. I thought with Plex Pass we got support?


This is a new one for me. I don't think the Plex Android app has been tested to work with 3rd party AirPlay services like this. Sounds like AirServer tracks the devices that can connect to it, but somehow that identifier to the Android app isn't being kept so it has to constantly re-authorize. I'll pass the info along to the devs but I wouldn't expect a quick fix. Can you also provide me the log from the Android app where you've clicked on the cast button a few time to bring up that AirServer message? Thanks.


The thing is, I have never connected to his computer from my phone, ever with any app. It's not like I am trying to cast Plex to this laptop, it was happening in the background without me doing anything at all. I am guessing during the Plex app's network discovery? None of my other media apps (Netflix, Pandora, Amazon Video) do this.

I actually uninstalled the app, to stop this from happening on his laptop. It has not happened since, so I am fairly positive it's the Plex app, but I cannot get the logs, unless they are left on the device after install.


If the devs would like, they can install a 7 day free trial of AirServer here:

I did not test if it had to be on the same wireless or just the same subnet (wireless to LAN). I did try this on other teachers laptop and the same thing happened on theirs (when setting the passcode to on screen) as well as a test laptop installed with the trial of Air Server. If anyone wishes to email me about this, please feel free, I would be happy to answer any questions anyone over there may have.

Love Plex, would like to see this resolved.


I'll let you know if there is any progress, but like I said, I wouldn't expect a quick fix.

Also, have you seen this? Plex falls into that category too.


There's also this. Read the very bottom portion.


I did not, but that appears to be when trying to USE Air Server with those apps.

Again, I am not trying to do that, I am not trying to cast to the device. What it seems to me, is that when plex looks at the network for devices to connect to, it's triggering Air Server. Other apps do not, like Netflix.


Both of those are issues when actively trying to use Air Server from a device and not being able to.

Not the same issue.


Ok, so it's a discovery issue. I'll see if I can recreate using the trial. Thanks for the feedback.


Thank you very much.

Remember you have to go into the settings of air server and set the passcode option on the right to "on screen"

#12 said:
Nothing? There is not a way I see to contact Plex directly I can see. I thought with Plex Pass we got support?

To be clear for all... Plex Pass does not give you a different method of support. All users have the same support methods: FAQ and forum. It does provide you with access into the forum sections where there are more Plex employees and Ninjas though.

Plex Pass does give you access to advanced features. Plex Pass also gives you the OPTION to run early-release [?Beta?] versions of the server and some client apps.


Thanks sGarver, that's my bad. I thought I read a plex pass benefit was support, I guess I was wrong.


Just another note, this issue has stopped since I uninstalled the Plex app on my phone (12 days), so it's definitely the Plex app.


I'm not able to get Air Server to work. Without the password, it connects but won't play. With the password, I can't even get to the webpage it says to enter the code on. I'm not able to connect using the Chromecast option either. At least from my testing, Plex is just not able to communicate properly with Air Server.


You don’t need to cast to air server, that is not the problem. I have not even tried to cast to it. The issue is with network discovery.

Here is what you need to do to reproduce it. I tested this, same NETWORK doesn’t do it (laptop on wired and phone on wireless), both the phone and laptop need to be in the same WIRELESS SSID.

After you install the Air Server trial, open the options and set it like this:

Once it’s like that, open the Plex app (I did test the iOS app and it does not do it, Android only). My test laptop will have the on screen prompt right away after opening the app. Also, when you hit the cast button and the refresh button to scan the network, like below:

Again, you don’t have to try and cast to the laptop, this happens during network discovery.


Also, the phone never asks to enter a password, ONLY the laptop will display a password to enter on the device (which never asks for it)

This has been tested on and reproduced on 5 different laptops and 2 different Android devices (S7 Edge and Nexus 7)


I know you guys have limited support, but if you want to call me, I am more than happy to talk to you and help out. I LOVE Plex, I would love to help fix this (being in IT). Not sure if you call out or not.


That was exactly what I did. So the issue you are reporting is the app not allowing a way to enter the passcode? If so, that makes sense. The app doesn't expect any type of security on the casting device. I'll let the devs know but this but it's probably not going to be a high priority item.


No that's not the issue.

The issue is it comes up on the laptop at all. Since I am not trying to connect to it, it shouldn't prompt on the laptop with a passcode. Since I am not trying to connect to the laptop it shouldn't prompt.

But the Plex app is triggering something on network discovery. Again, I am NOT trying to connect to the laptop at all. It's happening when Plex is discovering devices on the same wireless to connect to.