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could any of you genius coders, write some more plug-ins for other adult channels please. Some more gay channels would be nice, and amateur channels such as x tube if it could be done.I would love being able to access more of these type of channels on my hd smart tv, so much better than squinting at a computer monitor even a 22inch. Many thanks for at least considering the idea any that do.


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I'm working in my off time on some channels (or better gay filters) for several (free) sites, like Pornhub, cam4, and adult tumblr feeds.  It's slow going because of my day job, and I don't have the cash to buy memberships to the paid studios, but I'll keep you posted.

:) m8


thanks krisdages, all and any talented individuals with an open mind and time to spare are very appreciated but get little recognition due to social attitudes to adult material. So anybody willing and able to provide us with more choice and/or help make existing or broken adult channels better or work again are more than welcome.


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There's an updated xHamster that I found a while back someone was working on, I submitted a fix for it at one point as well (he gave me commit access to it). It has better filters/categories as compared to the one on the UAS from what I remember as well.


How about one for cliphunter?


@chrisandgayfee said:
How about one for cliphunter?

Working on it. Finished the Service URL today (with basic directory structure, search, and pagination), will iron out categories and directories with bookmarks tomorrow. Should have a finished channel by Tuesday or Wednesday. Will post a REL when done.

In the meantime you can check out some of my other adult channels here.


HI Nosinden,thanks for your great work,more adult channels the better lol.its been requested before in the past but any chance of developing a plugin for XTUBE.Have you got plans for anymore adult channels,i know your working on cliphunter,and it must take up your time,EPORNER no longer works,and XHAMSTER not really being maintained so just wondered.Thanks again.


@dbear420 said:
[...] Some more gay channels would be nice

4tube has just been updated and now supports gay as well :)


@chrisandgayfee said:
How about one for cliphunter?

Just finished the ClipHunter channel, and created a new post for it, but still waiting for it to be approved.

In the meantime you can checkout the channel here:
When I get time I'll iron out the bookmarks section.



Cheers Nosinden,much appreciated.Hope more of your great work to come.


In android gives error when launching video on pc works perfect