(New) Android app plex server selection



How in the world did you guys think it was a good idea to combine all of the TV shows or Movies for ALL of my servers and all of the servers shared with me into one page?
Please give us the ability to select a server and THEN see the stuff that's on that server.
This is absolute garbage.

Why fix something that's not broken? Old version was just fine and worked as it should in regards to selecting a server and then from there see what that server has.


I don’t mind this feature – as an option. But NOT as the default. It’s a huge misstep in my opinion, completely changes the ease of use of the application from a simple act of launching it, finding the content, and watching it to a convoluted mess of having to wade through the content of others.



this is an absolute disaster of an update for the way i use plex.

i do NOT want to see media from shared servers mixed in with my own server on the home page.

also, removing on deck from the home page and separating it out to the tv and movies tabs is another massive misstep.

on the whole, the redesign looks good, but from an actual user experience perspective, the update is a giant step backwards.


Yes please bring back the server selection!


I use a cloud server with totally different media when I am travelling and one local main media server hosted on a local system for easy and fast access via local network. This update has ruined the whole thing for me by unifying everything and now even selecting a server is a mess in each category since both servers are under the same user name, for example when i go to TV Shows now, it is showing TV Shows (Username) & TV Shows (Username), I have no idea which one is cloud and which one is local. Please implement this feature as an option and not the default UI.


I’m taking a 16h flight tomorrow morning and can’t figure out how to access my synced media on the new app - if that’s even been fixed from the early april update making them unfindable from the UI. Agreeing with above comments on top of that though they might not be my case.

Plus, you’re saying offline mode allows us to still access synced content. Leaves me puzzled as to how to do that exactly. I can search and play everything in offline mode as long as i’m not actually offline, but nothing (including supposedly synced content) if i’m actually offline. Duh?

Aren’t you guys tired of shooting yourself in the foot? Please, review your dev priorities or how do you want to compete with netflix and spotify…


Completely agree, maybe this should be regarded as a beta version.


Also, all content from my ‘friends’ server is gone. Not possible to select that server and content not visible. :confused:


I was visiting my parents and wanted to show them videos from my vaction last month, but the new mobile app makes it impossible to find my personal video libraries/folders. Where are they!!!


I have to agree. Let the user select which server they want to use. This is an unwanted feature update.


I agree also, first time using update when on the train to work and not able to select local deceive to watch sync’d content like before and it’s playing the files of my server. Turned on new offline mode and I can not see anything that was sync’d. The idea was to pay plex good money for this app so I don’t have pay for mobile data with sync option. Fix it quick!!!


I am traveling and just tried to get to my cloud storage server and got very frustrated. I finally found the content, but this is horrible. I could not get to my brother’s server at all. Change it back. This is not functional for an Android device.
I rarely find a need to log in and pay about Plex updates, but this was not a good update. I like Plex for the options, not the lack of options.


I’ve been plexpass’d for years but in the last year (or two, truth be told) i have regretted doing so…
The underlying technology seems shambolicly (not sure that is really a word… but i digress) written and needs fundamental doing-over imho,
and the user experience is anything but stable.
Scared to open-source bs.

I could go on for hours about all of the frustrations i have with this ever-growing absurdity of a program!
Want 360 vr feeds?(not really) COOL!!!..
Want to stream your media (without wanting to hang yourself)?!..
MAYHAPS; but only after we finish patting ourselves on the back for betraying the hard core media whores (yes, I’m holding my hand up here) we should really be supporting the most, by bringing out useless feature after useless feature before fixing the fundamentals!
Want us to totally mess with the gui without actually asking the user-base first?!.. OKAY!!! DONE!!

The PMs who green light MORONIC ideas like this (sans the option to switch off) should (i say SHOULD) be sacked.
£u(4 me! I’m a bricklayer, but if you want to pay me £45k p.a. ill sort your staff out good and proper; and get your gravy-train right back on track!
(I know my back would thank you)



I have had no choice but to downgrade to the old app and stop auto-updates. On top of the terrible UI changes its unstable, buggy, and only actually plays media 20% of the time. I will not be upgrading it again until the ability to select a server is back.


Yup, just discovered this the hard way when traveling… This is a mess and needs an option to turn it off.


I agree, I have multiple servers for different reasons but I only want to see one of them. I want to select my server first and have the home screen show recently added for that server. Basically I want the old version. There is absolutely no reason to change it this way especially since every other plex client works the same way.

Hopefully more people will complain and a dev will notice


What I find is with all the complaints not one dev or admin has addressed the issues. What ever happened to the great support here


Noticed on the app that if I select Movies at the top I can select between all my servers with movies on.

Can someone confirm this?


Not having the ability to select servers is enough for me to want to stop using this app. Like others, I have different servers for different reasons, and my cloud based server is just for experimenting . I am already using Plex less for these reasons. Better to just access my movies through my network and cast without using Plex. Why was this change made … to make Plex a canned interface without giving the User any control?


So I went camping this weekend, without any internet… but I have a portable WD Wireless HDD w/PMS running on it for the kids at bedtime and during rain-outs…

Opened up the Android app and it would not let me select the WD Server, nor would it show any content off that server… so this latest update has basically made that portable HDD worthless… yay thanks for that.