New Chromecast background now just a gray smear; how to use our backdrop images again?



Hi - congrats on pushing a new Chromecast app update. I'm sure that the speed and stability updates are great and I look forward to trying them out.

However, I must protest the immediate and glaringly ugly change - where have all my Movie and TV Season backdrops gone? Previously on the chromecast, all the movie backdrops and TV show season backdrops, which I painstakingly edited and sometimes even scanned in from box art, is no longer visible. Now, I can see a vague change when I switch from Movie to Movie, but it's just slightly shifting smears of gray.

How can we get back the background images like we used to have? It's not a good usage of an HDTV to just show "smears of gray" - I mean, some people may like it, but it would be very surprising to me if the majority of plex users prefer to see smudges of gray on their TV instead of curated background images.

Thanks for the help.


I'll second this request - really NOT liking this change, I'd like to get my backgrounds back please.


We're chatting about it over here to see what we can do. Personally I like the 'texture', but I'm aware it's a controversial stance!


@"Dom C" said:
We're chatting about it over here to see what we can do. Personally I like the 'texture', but I'm aware it's a controversial stance!

Right, if it had just been a plain black background or some other simple/solid color before, this wouldn't be as big of a deal. But in this case, you're taking something that many people have curated over days, weeks, or even months of work, and replacing it with something less detailed and simpler.

Please, Plex, don't fall victim to what Mozilla and Google have already fallen to with Firefox and Android...removing options and features in the name of "simplicity." It's okay to have options to make things simpler; no one minds that. But to remove the option to have our complexity, especially if it's something a lot of us have put a lot of time into, is the wrong move IMO.



Bring back the background art in Chromecast. This was a big reason I preferred playing music to Chromecast vs. other platforms. It's much more impressive to be able to display the background art we have curated into our libraries! Also I should point out that this light grey shade is really good at emphasizing the imperfections in our LED screens. You can see all the banding and imperfections in the display. Just really not a good shade at all!


I agree, the background art looked much better. I spent a lot of time trying to get them working because I couldn't see why an update would go backwards and remove something that looks so good, now it is boring. Please bring them back....


Thanks for your input. We're in discussion on how to best support background art. I know it's frustrating when you have a curated collection of artwork and don't get to show it off.


Thank you. I hope you are able to release an update giving us back our backdrops soon.


Hi @duncanbeevers any update on the outcome of the discussions, to be honest, Plex has now orphaned my model Samsung TV and this is the only client left. The native Samsung TV and QNAP clients are now outperforming Plex


Nothing new to report.


Thanks Duncan


No update?


Keep the question at the top is all. Plex's administrators, I'm sure, remember that their users are technically minded, and of course understand that removing choice entirely is antithetical to a power user's mentality. I'm sure they understand that carefully curated backdrop images just might be a little more appealing to many - in fact, even most - of their Chromecast users... instead of a grey smear. :-)


I’ve just realized that this seems to be an ongoing and annoying pattern with Plex now. I rarely use the Web interface these days, using Chromecast instead, but now I see that they’ve also removed backdrop images from the background on the web interface too. You can turn them back on, but they’re just a weirdly sized rectangle at the top of the content page, instead of being the proper “background” for the page.

Come on, Plex - I can see your reasoning for thinking of changing this, since it can make a page look “too noisy” if you have a particularly detailed or complex background image, but really, it looked fine before you made this interface change.

As always, at the very least you should have given us an option to keep our background images where they belong - as our background. Grey smudges everywhere seem like a suspicious copying of the Apple TV interface… which frankly, I have always thought looks appallingly ugly.

I get the feeling that Plex devs are apple users, and so I’ll bite my tongue mostly on my opinion of Apple and their products, but remember Plex, most of your users are technical minded, Windows and Linux users, and we like options and choices.

No more “grey smear is your only option” please - but especially, as the original post says, on the chromecast with its big and beautiful HDTV screens.

(p.s. new forum is nice though)