New File not showing in library




Since a week, or so, when I drop new files in my folders, they don't show in my library.

I tried:

  • Manual scan library
  • change files to different folder
  • delete and re do link to my folder
  • downgrade to version 1,9,3

Any ideas?


  • permissions?
  • anything different about this file compared to your others? -- Plex will e.g. ignore ISO images of your disc based media
  • special characters in the file name such as quotes "? -- this could cause the scanning to fail as Plex searches for certain patterns in the file names

If bad comes to worse you could check out the logs (from Settings > Server > Help). If you download shortly after attempting to refresh your library, it should be easy to find a potential error message linked to this process (check out the newest Plex Media Scanner.log from the zip file you'll get)

I hope you haven't messed up your database by shifting versions...


Thanks tom,

I have a lot of: database disk image is malformed

and: database corruption

What should I do?