New NowPlaying Visualization that mimics Front Row/Apple TV



I have the file, maybe you have the skills to finish? ;)
Hi there!

I'm looking for someone to implement the attached Quartz Composer Visualization (.qtz) into Plex or the skins.

It was build to work with the iTunes Plugin iVisualize. It mimics the Now Playing Screen of Front Row or AppleTV. I really like the simplicity of that one and i miss that so much in all the other NowPlaying Screens floating around here...

Maybe someone can make it work with Plex or at least to work in iTunes without the need of using iVisualize, because iVisualize-Plugins cannot be chosen within Plex...

The file attached isn't completely finished. For example the shuffle or repeat icons are blinking from time to time and there is no animation when a track changes (like in Front Row or AppleTV). Maybe that can be fixed too...

Thanks in advance!! :)

#2 (444 KB)


What's wrong with the current Now Playing screen? It pretty much looks the same.


It would be cool to have in itunes.

the snarbsoft lounge screensaver is cool, but never works for me.

it'd be awesome to have wowlab's snow visualizer mixed with the current now playing.