New Roku Transcoding Bug?



As some of you may remember, last year there was a Roku bug that made files copy transcode after reaching the 4GB point in files.

My Roku is behaving almost exactly the same as when that bug was around but this time, it happens way before reading 4GB.

Happens on Roku Preview and regular channel, Roku Classic Channel, RARFlix. Does not happen on Plex for Samsung TVs so that should rule out a server or server software issue.

Anyone else seeing this? I want to post over at the Roku forums if it's more than just me.



It’s the dreaded 7.7 FW bug(s).

Started in 7.6 then evolved into a running FW nightmare under 7.7.

Here’s the cure, but it’s not quick and not without some suffering:

That will eventually get you back on 7.6 while Roku Inc tries to decide what to do about it.


Okay, thanks. I’m just wondering why no one has specified an unnecessary transcoding but. That’s the only issue I have experienced.


Oh… ‘Someone’ has - back on July 14th, when this Roku FW induced nightmare started:

I first thought it might have been Plex, but quickly realized Roku dropped ‘trou’, hovered over the collective punch bowl and gave birth to another FW Turd.

If you leap through Roku’s flaming hoops you can get back to 7.6 wherein the ‘Surprise Transcode’ doesn’t happen, but if you’re lucky (like me) you get the 7.6 Surprise Lock-Up and Auto-Reboot unless you use RARflix for Roku.

Blame The Blithering Idiot:

‘The New Solution’:
Break your only stable units with FW that attempts to fix your newest fleet of disasters - and fail miserably.


Ah, I only looked in the and the thread here that you linked to previously. Thanks. I emailed them about rolling me back. Transcoding bugs the hell out of me. Audio drops doesn’t play for a bit when it switches from direct play, instant replay isn’t as snappy and other stuff.