New UN65MU8000 playing video "squished"



I recently upgraded to the Samsung 65" 8-series TV. I had a 2013 60" 6-series (still do). The Samsung plex app on this TV seems to always "squish" the video vertically (it has black bars on top and bottom and the video is distorted from the incorrect aspect). It's doing this on every show I tried (I've recorded them all). I tried turning off direct play, direct stream, changing the video quality, messed with as much as I can think of on the server to no avail. My other devices work file (FireTV, Roku, old Samsung TV). Is there a known issue, or workaround to get this to work? I suppose I can use the FireTV out here but I'd really like to use the built in apps, so much cleaner to just have them all on TV and this new one is finally laid out in a workable fashion. Thanks for any help.