Nexus Player Problems



Hey guys, like others in this forum, I'm having on going issues with the app for the nexus player, I reverted back to 5.10 version which appears to work as intended. Soon as I try the latest version, it works great for the first run, then try again later m wake up the nexus player , then pick something to play , it loads then stutters then crashes. I have sent a crash log every time, but still not fixed.

Running nexus player version 7.2 , had all sorts of issues with Oreo. ( I have done multiple system restores, to see if that helped but same problem happens.)

I know I can use Kodi etc, but I've grown to like the Android tv app and prefer this as I use this on the nvidia shield with no problems.


looks like a weird problem you are facing. I'm running my NEXUS PLAYER fine, with latest OREO update, and latest player version (and last pms update on Synology NAS). All works fine. In that case, just to make a test and see what will happen, as you like the PLEX PLAYER GUI, why don't you try to install KODI, and then the video add on PLEX FOR KODI. And then you'll see if it crash or not..

At home, it solved one issue i had, as some codec like AVI, DIVX, plex wants to transcode instead of direct play, while this combo "KODI/PLEX FOR KODI" works fine for me as direct play all the time.


Hi @Donkeydoug , sorry to hear you are experiencing problems with the app.

In order to investigate the issue, could you paste app logs here? You can find them enabling network logging in the app (Settings / Advanced / Network logging) and then grabbing them opening the IP displayed in the bottom part of the screen in your browser.

Thanks in advance


Thank you for your replies, I found it odd that version 5.10 didn't seem to have the same problem , but now for some reason it seems to be doing the same thing. It only seems to do it once it has woken up.

I have it hard wired using a OTG network adapter, I am now trying just WiFi and see if I get the same result. I'll enable logging and post the results if it still does it.


I noticed that wifi seems to be better, however I did get a odd crash, starting a movie then reloaded the app and it was fine, Going to try an older version and see if its the same, but using WIFI has improved things some how


I have 4 Nexus Players throughout my house, all hard wired ethernet using OTG, and I use the Plex addon for Kodi instead of the Plex for Android TV app. Because playback using the Plex addon for Kodi is flawless but I have had nothing but problems with Plex for Android TV app similar to the OP. I am now using Live TV and DVR in Plex so I'm hoping the Plex for Android TV can be fixed since Plex addon for Kodi doesn't support Live TV.

I'll see if I can post the logs as per the instructions from @jesusmc in an above post.