No 5.1 sound at all



Hi all. I have PMS in a Mac mini and plex player on a 2015 Sony android tv. Connected to a Yamaha Av receiver with hdmi. All apps updated to the latest version.

I try any movie with ac3 sound but the output is 2.0. Tried the same movie with the built in tv player using the plex server and gets 5.1.

The nextflix app works in 5.1 too.

I tried every setting in the app but nothing works.

Suddenly when I play a movie the receiver start the first 2 seconds in 5.1. But always return to a 2 Chanel audio for the entire movie.

Any idea?



I have the same issue, some are saying it was fixed with the last Plex update. But not for me.
It's really annoying as I prefer the Fire TV over my other devices, but until they acknowledge they have a problem and fix it, it's back to my Apple TV and Roku, both of which have no issue with the 5.1 on Plex.