No 5.1 sound on Sony Bravia KD-49XE8005



I'm only getting stereo output when playing videos with AAC or AC3 5.1 sound. They work fine through a physical Chromecast device, and other apps on the TV: Netflix, Amazon Video, are fine. All apps and OS are up to date.

I have asked about this on AVForums but have got nowhere. I think I'm the only person on the planet using the Plex app on a Sony TV!

Thanks. Demon


Seems to be a universal Sony/Philips Android TV issue, where the API is not used properly by the manufacturer.

Does 5.1 work fine using the built-in media player? You should be able to see your Plex media server as a network location, and play a movie that way to verify.

If this is the case, let's put up a petition to both manufacturers highlighting the issue, and requesting a fix.

Edit: AAC and AC3 should work fine (at least up to a bitrate of 640kbps) also using Plex. What version of Android TV are you running?


The audio passthrough in the Android TV 7.0 televisions with Mediatek SoCs is quite bugged (a mess, actually). DTS audio never passes through (unless one uses the Sony's stock Video app). For the other formats this is what I remember I get in Plex with my Bravia XD8099:

AAC 5.1: I get AAC 2.0 (I didn't understand if it is a matter of ARC not supporting AAC 5.1)
DD (AC3) 5.1: It works
DD+ (EAC3) 5.1: It works
DTS: it gets converted (by the Plex server) to DD 5.1
Dolby Atmos/DTS X: they get converted to DD 5.1

I am a bit surprised AC3 doesn't work for you. No, actually, thinking better about it, you must first enable the passthrough in the Plex (client) options. Otherwise you'll always get AAC 2.0.


Previously if you were connecting from the TV to AMP via SPDIF then 5.1 from Plex didn't work. Connecting using HDMI-ARC didn't suffer AC3 5.1 issues. I ended up using HDMI-ARC and so I'm not sure if later versions of Andriod TV+Sony fixed the original SPDIF problem.


Thanks for all the replies. Very helpful. I shall try stuff tonight. Surprised I got nowhere on AVFORUMS.

Excited now