No audio at all if movie has 5.1 audio



I don't use my media player for Android for years, because it was only way to hear 5.1 audio as stereo. Today I checked the very last version and found that now the situation is much worse - there is no way to hear 5.1 audio at all. I tried all available setup combinations in the new simplified setup, but without success. Do you ever plan to solve 5.1 problem in Android?


same problem here !!... only ACC is working.. 5.1=radio silence... I'v tried every settings.. but nothing works... i'm desperate.. any help ?


Make me number three. I've decided to use Emby, which supports this perfectly. I would however rather use Plex if someone can advise on what the issue is and how to remedy it.



Go into Settings \ Advanced \ Player

Audio passthrough - make sure this is off

Optional audio support - turn these off


hi @moviefan.plex.

Can you tell me why when I set the audio passthrough on or in the mobile version of plex it doesn't remember my choice?

Also when I'm using the tv layout the audio passthrough setting is remembered but WHY have you removed the options to remove 'optional audio support'

Why are you removing option in the tv layout????

thank you.

@1stpclsr I have switched to emby since last week too. Too many transcoder crashed wevery 10min. The plex support act like no problem exists with their application. They are developping new features but don't have basic features like playing videos without crashing transcoder.