No channels section on Samsung plex client




I'm running PMS on Ubuntu, I've also installed UAS and YouTubeTV channel.
I can't see the Channel section in the plex menu on the old Samsung (UE32ES6727, fw ver. 002004, plex app ver. 2.007). It looks exactly like this issue.

Moreover - if I add the channel vie Channels Catalog (this menu is accessible on TV), it does not appear in the client - but I can see it (as well as WebTool and YouTubeTV) on the clients on the iPad, on my Windows PCs, newer Samsung TVs - like PS64F8500 or UE55MU6100.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance


I have PMS on Unraid and UAS and have 2 older Samsung running 2.007 and I can see my channels.

TV UN40H5203
TV UN46H5203

I don't remember having to do anything to make it work on those guys.


Thank you, nokdim.
That sounds pretty confusing, since no adjustments available in client


Orca's app has a preference to disable Channels, AFAIR.
(Preferences > Menu)


Its been so long since I set those up I believe you @OttoKerner are right that there is an option in the client settings to enable channels as a whole...


And there it is…
Show channels!


Sorry, it was rather stupid question. Shame on me (((
Thanks to you all.


There are no stupid questions. Just stupid answers, occasionally. :)