No HDD hibernation when PMS is running



Hi guys,

I've one problem with my Synology DS-411+II and PMS. If I activate the PMS there is no chance to get the HDDs in standby mode. I have no auto-refresh of the library active and no scheduled one either.

My SW versions are: Plex for Synology and DSM 3.2-1955. I only use a few services on the NAS. Does anyone have any further idea what I can do, because if I stop the Plex Server, the HDDs go to sleep so it has to be the Plex...

I reinstalled the PMS on my DS but with no success. Should I post any logs?


Same Problem here... I have the synology DS1010+


Oh it's really anoying to see the hard discs running all the time and since now I have no idea how to fix that. Is there really nobody who can help with this problem? It's should be the same with all linux systems because of the write activity of the PMS no hdd can go to standby. I am happy for all suggestions how I could fix that.