No Internet, No Managed Users



My DSL is down, and now my Roku 3 only sees the admin PlexHome user account when I open the stable Plex channel, managed user accounts are not shown and thus cannot be logged into; any ideas?


If not, I guess this is a bug report.


FYI, I don't have the beta Plex channel installed, so I can't see if that is any different.


This is a known issue/limitation. We spent quite a bit of time hashing out ways that we might allow user switching while offline (in all Plex clients, this isn't a Roku-specific limitation), but everything ends up being a combination of really complicated and insecure. Never say never, but there aren't any concrete plans to remove that limitation. As you noticed, you can still open the channel, unlock the last used account, and use a local PMS while offline.


Thanks Schuyler

EDIT:  The more I think about this, the less I understand it.  Doesn't the existence of users, and the authentication, come from the local server, since that's the only one that can be connected?  If this has already been discussed, please point me in the right direction, but I'd like to understand the difficulties better.


This "known issue/limitation" still exists and I agree that it makes no sense when the local server is offline due to internet outage vs the app (Roku/Android) working in "offline" mode (with no connection to the server).

The server is still present for "authentication" (pin entry if it exists) of managed user accounts. The account (capital U User) should be cached and all managed "users" (small u users) under that account should be available for switching.

Since the users don't exist outside the Plex User account their "authentication" pin is more like parental controls toggling which "view" of local server media is available. And being incapable of switching back to the true User view from a local server limited user view because the internet is down makes no sense and should have nothing to do with being less secure. And is very frustrating that it's an apparently acceptable limitation.