[No longer updated] Preen Skin Manager


New skin manager for installing and updating Plex 9 skins

PREEN IS BROKEN IN OS X MAVERICKS. Further information can be found here:             #486            



Preen Skin Manager: Select, install and update skins for Plex 9 on Macintosh.
Available at [http://anomiesoftware.com/Anomie_Software/Preen.html](http://anomiesoftware.com/Anomie_Software/Preen.html)



  • One central app to browse many of the great skins available for Plex.
  • One easy button to update your Plex skins to their latest versions.
  • No need to download a new version of the software when new skins are released; Preen checks a central database of skins.
  • Manual or automatic use. Check for updates manually using the provided buttons or leave Preen running in the background and it will automatically find new skins and update you to the latest version every 24 hours.


  • An installation of git is highly recommended, though no longer necessary. You can download and install it from [here](http://code.google.com/p/git-osx-installer/downloads/list).
  • Preen must be run on the same computer as Plex.
  • Plex 0.9


  • Preen is made possible because of the PlexSkinUpdater by Maverick214.
  • Plex skin screenshots courtesy of El Massman.
  • Launch skins are linked with permission from Maverick214, El Massman and reddraggon220
  • The Plex development team for general awesomeness.


Version 1.70 (released Nov 25, 2013):


  • Plex Home Theater Compatibility.
  • Radio buttons to switch between PHT skins, Laika skins and 9.0 skins.


Version 1.60 (released Oct 30, 2011):

  • Laika compatibility.
  • Radio buttons to switch between Laika skins and 9.0 skins.

Version 1.51 (released Aug 6, 2011):

  • Fixes an issue with the skin last modified date.

Version 1.5 (released Apr 2, 2011):

  • Ability to select a skin directly from Preen.
  • Ability and preference to report on a user's skin.
  • Ability to remove skins from the skins list.
  • Resolves a crash-on-startup issue effecting a few users.
  • Resolution of a few memory leaks.

Version 1.4 (released Jan 9, 2011):

  • Hopefully fixes a crash-on-startup issue that some users experienced.
  • Adds a 'Get git' menu item to the 'Skins' menu.

Version 1.3 (released Dec 30, 2010):

  • Added a Progress Indicator.
  • Changed menus: added a skins menu, removed unnecessary menus.
  • Changed the table of skins to include more data.
  • New skin table is sortable.
  • Preen obtains the latest modification dates for each skin from github.
  • Up/Down arrows work as expected in the skin table.
  • Skins now download on a separate thread and are now checked each time the application is launched.
  • Added support for multiple branches of the same skin.

Version 1.2 (released Nov 13, 2010):

  • No longer requires git.
  • Fixes a bug relating to some git installations in /usr/local/bin/git.
  • Adds support for git branches which aren't the master branch.

Version 1.1 (released Sep 4, 2010):

  • Supports additional, common, folders where git may already be installed.
  • Adds an icon.
  • Improves logging.

Looking for a skin manager for Windows? Try Stormwave's [Plex Skin Manager](http://forums.plexapp.com/index.php/topic/32457-plex-skin-manager/page__view__findpost__p__207159).



This. Looks. Awesome.


That is really awesome, vicarious! I can't tell you how much we appreciate your creativity and effort on these projects!


Great! This is something I wanted since I've tried Plex for the first time.


Thank you so much for this nifty tool Vicarious! :)




freaking awesome


i cant fucking wait! awesome!


This is a great app, thank you sir for your contributions! :D




This is wonderful, Thank you for all the thought and creativity you have placed into this upcoming Application.

Much Appreciated!



+1 on the download list from me :D


Awesome Vicarious! Thanks for the kick-ass app. :)


Very nice ! B)


Great work, would be even better if Skin Settings could also be configured through this app... that way, the new Plex/Nine client would really, really become a thin client...


This is simply amazing! Thanks for your hard work Vicarious! The good news just keeps flowing in...


I just agree and concur and are dumbstruck by everything :)

Thanks alot Vicarious... thanks an awful lot




Awesomeness to the T! I will be downloading :-)


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